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Not Just A Helper

Samara with her husband, Sergio.

Rio’s plunging economy, political scandals, and the Zika virus can’t shake Samara’s new vision for Christian women.

Samara Queiroz used to think of herself as just a “helper” in her husband’s ministry. Then two things happened. She got cancer, and she went through the Haggai Leader Experience.

Despite being an IT professional for the Federal Court in Paraiba State, Brazil, Samara never felt she had the talent to initiate conversations about Jesus.

Cancer forced her into a grueling journey of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. That alone gave her a new sense of God’s closeness – which she celebrated memorably by performing Singing in the Rain (complete with umbrella and wig) in front of her whole church congregation.

Then she received an invitation to Haggai Institute.

“The training became a part of my healing process,” she said. “Meeting each woman, learning each person’s story, and hearing their spiritual calling during the training was the way God showed me how to go and share the Gospel wherever I am.”

She now burns with new conviction and new passion.

“At church I’m leading the women’s ministries,” she says. “I want to influence my culture to develop women to achieve everything God has for them. I want to give women the freedom that God has already given to us in the Bible.”

She now trains women leaders (about 40 at a time) and others in the leadership of small groups, in discipleship, and in appealing for a verdict. Her monthly women’s gathering attracts an average of 200 per meeting, and her Women’s Congress last year brought together 700 women for worship, Bible study, and prayer.

“As an unexpected blessing, God, in His mercy, has given me something that I could never imagine – invitations for public speaking in other states in our nation!” It’s another instance of the saying, “God doesn’t call the prepared – He prepares the called.”

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2 comentários sobre “Reportagem na Revista do Haggai Institute online”

  1. Amada Pérola parabéns!!! Louvamos ao Senhor através de vocês amados Pastores.
    Você Samara és uma Pérola, uma joia preciosa de inestimável valor para o Senhor e para nós, a Rede SM – Mulheres da Cidade Viva . Sou imensuravelmente grata ao Senhor por vossa vida Samara, seu testemunho tem levantado muitas mulheres que não encontravam em si mesma, nenhuma perspetiva, mas através de seu testemunho descobriram que Jesus habita em seus corações, e as capacita para serem Mulheres Guerreiras, Pérolas preciosas no Exército do Senhor Jesus. E hoje, eu sou uma delas, na Rede SM. Você amada Pérola é a nossa Pastora, a nossa Líder, é como Líder é um exemplo de Serva. Deus vai levá-los para muitas Nações, para levar as Boas Novas do Senhor.
    És benção em nossas vidas amada Pérola do Senhor Jesus!

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